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Travel Soccer 2017 - 2018

Registration for the 2017-2018 Soccer Year. All players should register for their "on-age" Division. Players who will be "Playing Up" will be assigned to the older age Division by the Player Selection Committee.

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

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For more information, visit the Saratoga Wilton Soccer Club website at



The Saratoga Wilton Soccer Club trains skilled club teams to compete in a competitive soccer environment in indoor league games (Nov-April) and outdoor in the CDYSL (Capital District Youth Soccer League) and EPL (Eastern Premier League) in the spring. Individual teams may pursue other indoor and outdoor soccer tournament opportunities throughout the season both regionally and out-of-state. 

Club Soccer serves about 350 players from the ages of 6-19.  The practice-to-game ratios is generally 3:1. Coaches have substantial soccer backgrounds and are licensed. Games are competitive and require travel within the Capital District.  Practices are usually held at the same time and place each week, but game play can vary.  The travel season runs from September-June for U12 and younger and from November-June for U13 and older.  The SWSC Board would like to welcome players and their families from around the area to look into what SWSC has to offer.  


Registration for 2017-2018 is now Open:


All players must register for the 2017-2018 Soccer Year Travel Program   

  1. Login to your account (create an account if this is your first time)
  2. Register the player for their Age Division all players must register “on age” and will be assigned to specific teams, including “playing up” to older age teams, by the SWSC Coaches/Club. 
    •  Note: if a player “plays up” to an older age division, the Club Fee for the older age division will apply and will be adjusted when the player is assigned to the older age team
  3. Upload a photo (see below):
  4. Read and understand the 4 hour per family volunteer requirement
  5. Read and understand the CDYSL Parent and Player Code of Conduct
  6. Pay the Club Fee (see below)


Player Photos:  All players are required to have a current photo uploaded during registration.  Photos expire every 2 years.  If you are prompted to upload a new phone please do so before check out. 

Volunteer Hours: Families are required to perform 4 hours of volunteer hours per year.  3 of those hours must be fulfilled during our annual May Day Classic. 

Fundraising Surcharge:

SWSC is partnering with Accel Sports Fundraising to help raise money to support the educational mission of the Saratoga Wilton Soccer Club.

SWSC will be offering a customized Saratoga Playbook for $20 in March/April 2018. 
  • Each player will be given 5 books to sell to family and friends. 
  • Each player will have the option of participating in the event during the registration process. 
    • If you participate, there will be a surcharge of $100 added to your registration cost (2 player Maximum per family).  When you sell the books, you keep the money!!
    • If you opt out there will be a $75 surcharge added to your registration fee. (2 player maximum per family)
Surcharge applies to all players - Fall Only Players are exempt!  Adjustment to Fall Only and Family Maximums Will be made following initial payment!
For more information on the fundraiser, please see the FAQ's at the bottom of the page located on our club site:

Club Fees: 

2017-2018 Club Fees
Competitive Teams
Age Division Full Year Training Only Fall Only
U10  $           875  $                 400  $           200
U12  $       1,025  $                 400  $           275
U14  $       1,175    
U16  $       1,275    
Age Division Full Year Training Only Fall Only
U8  $           625  $                 400  $           200
U10  $           875  $                 400  $           200
U12  $           875  $                 400  $           275
U13  $       1,275    
U14 - U16  $       1,375    
Select Teams
Age Division Full Year Training Only Fall Only
U14 - U19  $       1,425    
Age Division Full Year Training Only Fall Only
U13  $       1,325    
U14 - U19  $       1,425    


For information on pricing and what is included please see our club site:

For information on registering with Saratoga Wilton Soccer please contact Christina Lindheimer:

For Information regarding our Travel Teams:

Please contact the Directors of Coaching: 

Boys:  Peter MacDonald: or Juan Garzon: 

Girls:  Jason Tenner: